Team Group: Speakers & Panelists from Greece

Chrysa Faki

Head of New Business Development, Generation Y

Nana Ioakimidou

Jr. Partner & Chief Client Relations Officer, Generation Y

Konstantinos Kotsigiannis

Co-Founder and Digital Marketing Director, VALUE

Spyros Andriopoulos

Owner, Aboutnet | President, Association of Internet Companies in Greece

Marina Vasilara

Global Communication & Ecommerce Director, APIVITA SA | Secretary General, Greek e-Commerce Association

Christos Zefklis


Dimitris Papastergiou

Minister of Digital Governance

Elia Charari

Marketing and Corporate Sustainability Manager, ACS Courier and Postal Services

John Karalis

Instructor, Knowcrunch | CEO, Netsteps

Thanasis Kameas

CEO & Founder,