Chief Commercial Officer, ATCOM

Jason Kataropoulos

Chief Commercial Officer of ATCOM, Jason Kataropoulos has almost 20 years of experience in Business Transformation Consulting. In charge of overseeing ATCOM’s key accounts and strategizing the development of the company’s products and services, he has been a vital member of ATCOM since its early beginnings in 2003. As a well-experienced professional in management, consulting and implementation, Jason focuses on shaping Digital & Business Transformation strategies.

In 2018, he assumed the role of Digital Transformation Director at Gregory’s, followed by his return at ATCOM as a CCO a year later. He is also co-Founder and Partner of Reportbrain, a smart news monitoring, analysis and reporting platform.

The Keynote

“Real life, real results: applied AI for conversion optimisation“

  • Applications of AI technologies in e-commerce: Real case scenarios and applied examples that work
  • Going beyond personalisation & product recommendation: Hidden Success Factors
  • Upselling through AI
  • Key steps to AI deployment in e-commerce

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