Product Growth Manager, CXL

Juliana Jackson

I’m a senior marketer executive with extensive product experience. I’ve been working in technology for more than ten years (SaaS & Ecommerce).

I’m known as The CLV Lady because I’ve been intensely evangelizing Customer Lifetime Value and Lifecycle Marketing for the last three years. I’m also widely recognized for my contrarian approaches to opinion-based methodologies and “best practices.”

Currently, I own retention, CLV, and product experience for CXL and our 30k+ students.


“It’s all about the customers. Only that it’s not.”

We are romanticizing retention every day a bit too much until the point that it has become science-fiction.

Yes, if your unit economics and business model allow you to optimize for retention, you should 100% invest in this, however, the idea of thinking customers will love you forever and stay with you forever it’s terribly flawed, unrealistic, and plain amateurish.

Join my session to learn when you should invest in retention and what to realistically expect from your efforts.

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