Senior Analyst, Econsultancy

Lynette Saunders

Lynette Saunders is a Senior Analyst in the Research team at Econsultancy, where she works on delivering industry-leading research, briefings and reports for the digital marketing industry. Econsultancy is an international research and training group focused on helping businesses do more digital business.  It is an award-winning publisher of research and its data and insight, best practice guides, training and events focus on improving organisations’ digital capability, effectiveness and revenue generating potential.

Her previous experience has involved responsibility for delivering measurements and insights and improving overall online customer experience for Cancer Research UK and the Royal Mail Group, which included working across the portfolio of online products for Post Office, Royal Mail and Parcelforce.


“Ecommerce Trends 2022: Experience is the competitive battleground“

The early 2020s will be remembered as the age of the great acceleration of ecommerce and the start of a new era for retail. With more customers and brands now online and new customer journeys emerging, it is customer experience that will make the difference between those who thrive in this new context and those who are left behind.

Senior Analysts Lynette Saunders and Rose Keen from leading digital marketing and ecommerce insight provider Econsultancy will discuss the key trends shaping the future of the retail experience.

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