Εntrepreneur & eCommerce Growth Hacker

Marcus Zanquila

Marcus Zanquila is an entrepreneur & eCommerce Growth Hacker with 9 years of online marketing experience. He is the CEO & Founder of LVRG, a boutique eCommerce Growth Agency that helps unique brands scale with AI-powered media buying, unconventional customer research and performance creatives. It has become his passion to share his marketing know-how with motivated marketers through keynotes and his social media profiles.


“The step by step scaling framework for your eCommerce brand post iOS14“

In this in-depth 60min workshop Marcus will show you the exact strategies he used recently in order to scale an eCommerce brand from 27k/month to 893k/month in just 30 days profitably through Facebook Ads so that you can implement them by yourself. He will cover…

  • How to optimize your funnel so that it is ready to scale.
  • How to find winning creatives efficiently.
  • How to properly track conversions and make data driven scaling decisions.

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