Wednesday, April 14, 2021

eCommerce Conversion Masterclass

Join digital marketing expert Tim Ash in this fast-paced crash course in optimizing your eCommerce experiences! Powerful prepared content will alternate with practical hands-on examples from the audience. Plenty of time will be left for insightful discussion to answer your specific questions.

What you will learn:

• Interactive rapid-fire live reviews of attendee eCommerce websites
• Mistakes to avoid on key pages: homepage, search results, category, product detail, and checkout
• Mobile eCommerce challenges and how to approach them
• How to structure your categories and products selection to maximize sales
• Effective abandonment recovery techniques for shopping carts
• Supporting the full customer journey with marketing automation
• Personalization and one-on-one experiences
• Offline and call-center follow-ups to amplify sales
• How to use data append to create look-alike audiences
• Driving effective traffic with programmatic media buying and retargeting

Tim personally guarantees that you will be overloaded with actionable take-aways that will pay for themselves many times over!


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