Optimization Specialist, Optuner

Ole Gregersen

From the experience of working with conversion optimization, UX and usability since 2007 out of Copenhagen Denmark, Ole is eager to discuss practical and pragmatic optimization.

Not only is he the founder of Conversion Conference Copenhagen, the only Danish event on the topic, going on its 10th year – he also has extensive experience in working, writing and talking all things on-site optimization. In the daytime, he is a consultant in his own agency, Optuner. And he is very excited to share his thoughts on how you can succeed with your efforts on the topic.


From best practice to split-testing: A step-by-step approach to maximizing your CRO results

Ever tried split-testing only to find the effort fizzle out after a few fruitless tests? Or finding out how powerful a simple user test can be? Picking the right tool for the job is important. It dramatically changes the return you get on your efforts.

There is a natural progression to it though, based on the CRO maturity of your organization, the type of problems your website suffers from and the budget available. Let me put all that together in a framework for you – which will let you get more out of your CRO efforts.

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