Managing Director, AdsAccelerator

Patrick Wind

Patrick Wind is the Managing Director of, which brought him in this year’s Forbes 30 under 30 list with the most influential Marketers in Europe.

He provides online training, tools and support to thousands of entrepreneurs growing their businesses with advanced Facebook and Instagram ads. He invested over 3 million euros into 120 different brands, returning 10.4 million euro in online sales for them.

His ‘Full-Funnel Strategy’ has already been implemented by international brands (ASICS, Autodesk and Bioderma), world-leading agencies (HAVAS Media, Ogilvy & Criteo), as well as Europe’s highest-valued startups (21Buttons, HolaLuz and Meller).


Top10 Ad Creative Formulas for your unbeatable Facebook & Instagram Ads Success in 2021

In 2021 our Digital Marketing World has already been shaken up heavily with Apple’s latest iOS14 Update as well as Google announcing that Chrome will not support the Facebook Pixel and other Third Party Cookies anymore. Combining these changes with the ever increasing Cost per Mille Impressions (CPMs), the importance of outstanding Ad Creatives has never been clearer.

Therefore, Patrick Wind (Forbes 30under30) will dedicate his keynote to inspire you with his prize-winning Top10 Ad Templates, which can be easily replicated by you or your marketing team to your own ad campaigns.

These practical templates will help you to quickly and effectively apply Patrick’s famous Full-Funnel Strategy to your own Facebook & Instagram Ads and also to develop a proper Omnichannel Retargeting System, allowing you to profitably scale and measure your ad performance in 2021.

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