Host, Nudge Podcast & Senior Product Marketer, Hotjar

Phill Agnew

I’m Phill, senior product marketer at Hotjar, product marketing ambassador at the PMA, and host of Nudge, the only podcast dedicated to consumer psychology.

While my experience lies in product marketing, I specialize in consumer behavior, looking specifically at how to apply behavior science at each stage of the marketing funnel.

On the podcast, I interview a number of interesting characters who study why we make the decisions we make (from buying the latest Nikes, to choosing a salad over a steak). I take insights from these researchers, authors, and pioneers, and condense them into useful advice that any marketer can use to improve their proposition.


“Applying Behavioral Science to E-commerce Marketing”

There’s not enough science in marketing. All too often, it’s based on hearsay or unproven ideas. In this talk, Phill Agnew, Host of Nudge – the marketing science podcast, talks about how to apply consumer psychology and behavioral science at a strategic and tactical level with your product marketing. He’ll share how one line of text can dramatically change a marketing campaign, the reasons why several e-commerce launches fail, and why he told 10,000 people his podcast was crap.

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