Structured Creative Thinking Master

Ravid Kuperberg

Ravid is an acknowledged structured creative thinking expert and trainer in the field of brand communications. Working with numerous global and local advertising agencies and brands across the world.

He is a classic “not knowing what you want to be when you grow up” cliche with 14 years of experience at a variety of agency roles in both strategic planning and creative development. Helping him attain a unique perspective of creative thinking.

In a nutshell… Ravid helps thinkers boost their inborn creative thinking skills, helps teams structure a more efficient creative thinking process, and constantly proves that storming is not the optimal way to use brains when aspiring for innovation.

Ravid is a frequent speaker at advertising festivals and marketing conferences, including Cannes Lions, Spikes Asia, the Loeries, Epica, CIAF and more. He has published articles in leading industry publications and platforms such as Campaign, AdForum and more.


“Turning creative e-commerce into an effective brand communications force: How can e-commerce transcend its classical role by using its assets  and platforms  to provide valuable brand communications resources”

E-commerce has long surpassed the boundaries of commerce regarding the role it performs for brands. From offerings to interface to CX in general, from metaverses to phygital presence, and from how all these are communicated to the public, it is clear that e-commerce has become a powerful source of digital creativity in brand communications. Adding storytelling to the mix of outputs it already delivers. An exciting new playground to explore.

This  talk  will discuss how to address e-commerce from the prism of brand communications, and how to apply structured creative thinking to do so in a proficient creative manner. It will analyze and decode award-winning ideas utilizing e-commerce at the heart of the creative idea and consumer engagement. Providing inspiration and practical guidance on how to add e-commerce items to your brand communications cart.

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