Senior UX Auditor, Baymard Institute

Rebecca Hugo

Rebecca Hugo is a Senior UX Auditor from Baymard Institute, and part of a growing team that has been dedicated to helping e-commerce sites make more well-informed decisions about their end-user experience since they were first founded in 2009. She has over 78,000 hours of large-scale usability research, 123 top e-commerce sites as part of a growing benchmark database, and more than 145,000 UX performance scores all at her disposal at Baymard, which is used by more than 3,000 e-commerce companies across 80+ countries, including 71% of all Fortune 500 e-commerce companies. Rebecca has a background in psychology, luxury e-commerce web development, and quality assurance, with a personal interest in copywriting and semantics.


“Mobile UX findings from Testing the World’s Leading E-commerce Sites”

As the trend toward mobile e-commerce continues to apace (with most e-commerce sites finding more than half of their traffic coming through mobile), it’s even more important to ensure that mobile web is able to offer a robust and well-supported user experience. Here, we’ll discuss 5 improvements that mitigate mobile users’ ability to proceed with their product finding journey on mobile web, particularly around the lack of page overview that so often hinders users’ ability in various ways.

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