Dean Schuster
Live from South Carolina

Dean Schuster

Founder, truematter
Dean Schuster has been envisioning and creating human-centered digital products since the advent of the commercial web. He is founder and owner of the user experience strategy firm truematter, leading the team to help national and international organizations change the way they do business online. He travels all over the world to speak and teach, mentoring professionals and challenging teams to a higher standard for digital experiences.
Dean is also an avid ultra-marathoner and trail racer, often found in out-of-the-way places, including Antarctica.


Presentation Title

"How Green Was My Delusion: Perception and Reality in UX"

Deep into digital era, most sites, apps, and software are still hard to use and designed poorly. Some are totally maddening. Why? Before you answer, let me tell a story about an awkward, feeble gift I once gave my Fiancé. It sheds remarkable light on the problem of bad user experience. Really.

Dean's story will warn you of the dangerous business of trusting your own brain, which can ruin digital products before a single line of content or code is written. Heed his advice and you will avoid this trouble. Even better, you will forevermore give the BEST gifts.