Chris Gibbins
Live in Athens

Chris Gibbins

Chief Experience Officer, Creative CX

Chris is a User Experience & Experimentation professional with over 20 years of experience. His expertise lies in combining UX Research, Data Analysis, UX Design and A/B Testing to drive impactful outcomes for a diverse range of businesses.

Leading the talented Experimentation Strategy and UX teams at Creative CX, Chris works with a variety of clients, from major broadcasters to top-tier luxury fashion companies. His recent focus has been on helping these businesses establish and scale their experimentation programs through strategic operating model design, practical training, and enablement.

Presentation Title:
"End-to-end horizontal experimentation for maximum impact"

Many of the biggest opportunities to improve the user experience and business metrics remain undiscovered for a number of key reasons including team verticalization, blinkered ideation and optimisation practices, a particularly alarming confirmation bias and disconnected technology set-ups. As a result, user journeys continue to be disjointed, and teams chase their tales optimising the wrong things. In this talk Chris will discuss these common problems and most importantly outline a more effective approach for your product experimentation and optimisation programmes.