Chrysa Faki

Chrysa Faki

Head of New Business Development, Generation Y

Chrysa Faki is a Marketing Executive with over 18 years of expertise, currently heading the Business Development Department at Generation Y. Her pragmatic approach and industry awareness set her apart. With a track record of leading positions in multiple companies in the digital industry, shaping digital advertising landscape and managing impactful campaigns, Chrysa brings valuable insights.

Beyond her corporate role, she actively contributes to the entrepreneurial ecosystem as an Advisory Board member at Young Entrepreneurs of Thessaloniki (YET), focusing on fostering innovation.

An accomplished public speaker, Chrysa has made over 20 public appearances, while previously instructing at The American College of Thessaloniki and currently contributing to BCA College's academic team. As a member of Google Developers and Google’s Women Techmakers, her strategic acumen and dedication to innovation make her a prominent figure in the dynamic world of marketing and business development.

Presentation Title:
"Unleashing the Power of Data for e-Business"