Eden Bidani
Live in Athens

Eden Bidani

Head of Strategy & Copy, CAPE.Agency

With 13+ years of experience in sales, marketing, and conversion copywriting, Eden Bidani helps SaaS, tech, and ecommerce companies acquire more customers, more profitably, with high-performing messaging and copywriting strategies.

Presentation title:
"How to sell more by letting your customers write your copy for you"

"Most e-commerce businesses are already tapping into the power of UGC to create content for their ads, emails, and product pages. But it's hard to write copy that sounds authentic and connects deeply with your customers, and encourages them to buy, when you're writing it all by yourself. So why not let your customers write it for you?

In this talk, Eden will show you how you can use your customers' own words to craft authentic, emotional copy by identifying your customers' voices and applying them to your ads, landing pages, and product pages to improve your conversion rates and increase product sales."