Fotis Antonopoulos

Fotis Antonopoulos

eCommerce Advisor,

Fotis began his passionate relationship with e-Commerce, back in 2001.

Since then, he has held various positions (GM, Head of Innovation, Director of eCommerce, etc), in large domestic and international organizations, and has been awarded for his projects with over 25 industry awards.

Fotis was a founding member and has held the Chairman position at the Greek Ecommerce Association (GRECA), is a frequent keynote speaker on eCommerce-related events and frequently posts his thoughts, focusing mostly on Customer Experience.

Nowadays, Fotis is working along with a niche group of high-growth companies to improve their sales efficiency and achieve their digital goals.

Session Title


The live UX panel is back again! Three established UX/UI professionals will randomly choose greek eCommerce stores and evaluate their UX/UI, offering their advice live on how to improve those minor details, in crucial spots during the shopping path, in order to gain the maximum potential in sales.