John Ekman
Live in Athens

John Ekman

Founder, Conversionista

John Ekman is the founder of Conversionista -Scandinavia’s #1 CRO agency. Always on the lookout for The Next Big Thing he is an unstoppable force of inspiration and knowledge sharing, and a top-rated international speaker. As Conversionista joined the ARC group, John is now part of ARC’s AI initiative, helping top brands figure out how they can leverage AI for business success and transformation.

Presentation Title:
AI - The everything revolution

All of a sudden AI is everywhere. All the time. Digital marketers and business leaders are scratching their heads asking themselves: -“How do I make sense of all this?” This session is focused on answering exactly that question,by breaking it down into 4 separate questions:

1. How does it actually work, and what can you use it for?
2. How will it change the way we work, and as a result, society?
3. What are the risks?
4. What should I, and we as a company, do now?

In this talk, John will mix the overall strategic, business and societal implications (the Thinking), with hands-on examples of what you can do right here, right now (the Doing).