Juliana Jackson
Live in Athens

Juliana Jackson

Data Strategy & Experimentation Practice Lead, Media.Monks EMEA

A Digital Marketing Leader, Juliana currently leads the Experimentation practice in EMEA at Media.Monks, where she oversees the continuous development and improvement of the company's experimentation practice.

Her expertise lies in refining user experience, lead generation, improving content quality, and maximizing customer lifetime value and loyalty for retail, banking, and mobile apps clients.

She is also the host of the "Standard Deviation Podcast", your go-to resource for navigating a career in digital analytics or technical marketing, whereas she is a regular speaker at top conferences around Europe.

Presentation Title:
"What DTC Brands Can Learn from B2B? 4 strategies to improve your profitability without burning your budgets"

In this session, Juliana will explore how strategies typically used in B2B marketing can be effectively applied in DTC contexts to build stronger, more meaningful consumer connections.