Konstantinos Kotsigiannis

Konstantinos Kotsigiannis

Co-Founder and Digital Marketing Director, VALUE

Konstantinos Kotsigiannis, as Co-Founder and Digital Marketing Director of VALUE, has showcased a remarkable talent for driving innovation and achieving tangible results in the digital domain.

As a mentor, he generously shares his knowledge and experience with aspiring professionals, nurturing their growth and development. His role as a digital marketing partner and consultant allows him to collaborate closely with clients, offering customized strategies and solutions to meet their unique needs.

He has received recognition as Marketing Leader of the Year from the CEO Today - Europe Awards, and was named in the "20 under 40 Social Media Marketing '' list in Greece by MarketingWeek.

Konstantinos's dedication to ongoing training and certifications reflects his commitment to evolving and excelling in the dynamic field of digital marketing.

Presentation Title:
“How UI/UX Skyrockets Your Sales”

During his talk, Konstantinos will elaborate why User Experience (UX) and Visual Identity (UI) play a crucial role in the success of an e-shop. Join him to find out how UI/UX can help you…

• Improve user experience: By creating user-friendly e-shops, you can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.
• Increase sales: Clear design and smooth navigation lead to more purchases and reduced shopping cart abandonment rates.
• Build brand awareness: An e-shop with impressive UI/UX builds a strong identity and sets itself apart from the competition.

With the goal to inspire and equip participants with the necessary tools to implement effective UI/UX strategies in their e-shops, Konstantinos will share case studies, practical tips, and visual examples, demonstrating how UI/UX serves as a cornerstone for any e-shop aiming to thrive.