Rebecca Hugo
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Rebecca Hugo

Senior UX Auditor, Baymard Institute

Rebecca Hugo is a Senior UX Auditor from Baymard Institute, and part of a growing team that has been dedicated to helping e-commerce sites make more well-informed decisions about their end-user experience since they were first founded in 2009. She has over 88,000 hours of large-scale usability research, 185 leading e-commerce sites as part of a growing benchmark database, and more than 195,000 UX performance scores all at her disposal at Baymard, which is used by more than 3,000 e-commerce companies across 80+ countries, including 71% of all Fortune 500 e-commerce companies. Rebecca has a background in psychology, luxury e-commerce web development, and quality assurance, with a personal interest in copywriting and semantics.

Presentation Title

“Checkout Optimization: Findings from Testing the World's Leading Checkout Flows”

At Baymard Institute, we started researching checkout usability more than 10 years ago when we founded the institute and did our first round of large-scale usability testing. Ever since, we’ve tested and retested checkout usability, running large-scale qualitative and quantitative research studies testing the checkout flows of the world’s leading e-commerce sites, as well as conducting checkout UX audits for more than 150 leading e-commerce sites and benchmarks of more than 180 leading US and European websites. With this information, we consistently find that the design and flow of the checkout is frequently the sold cause for users abandoning their cart during the checkout flow. Here, we'll discuss a series of ways that companies can improve their conversion simply by making design changes to their checkout process.