Valentin Radu
Live in Athens

Valentin Radu

CEO & Founder, Omniconvert

Before anything else — Valentin Radu is a perseverent experimenter.

He has gone through various jobs, companies, and entrepreneurial ventures before identifying customers' real needs and defining the perfect go-to-market strategy. 

Nowadays, he is a Customer Value Optimization evangelist and international speaker, defining a new category and helping retailers grow. In this video you can learn from him what CVO means:

Valentin is the CEO & Founder of Omniconvert. He leverages his industry expertise at Omniconvert — his SaaS company that provides growth solutions to mid-size eCommerce websites looking to become customer-centric. Omniconvert helps eCommerce companies find hidden gems in their data, improve Customer Lifetime Value and Customer Retention & deliver personalized customer experiences across all channels. 

Omniconvert is being used by hundreds of eCommerce companies and agencies worldwide, like Avon, Orange, WWF, Tempur Sealy, Whirlpool, and many more.

Presentation Title (on March 28th) 

"Consumer behavior in eCommerce"

The root of sustainable growth is having customers that buy and evangelize your company. However, surveying all the visitors and customers does not show why the customers buy. To decipher this, you have to blend qualitative research with quantitative one.

Valentin has >16 years in eCommerce and has helped companies big and small to level up their understanding of how customers make decisions to help marketers make better decisions. 

Learn about RFM, jobs to be done, and how to unpack customer feedback in this session with Valentin.

Workshop Title (on March 29th)

"CVO: How To Increase Customer Lifetime Value in eCommerce"

Acquisition costs are rising. 

The competition is getting higher in the eCommerce landscape.

Many companies find that their business model is not that lucrative anymore. 

So, they wake up to the new reality: it's vital to extract more value from the existing customers. 

And they try to monitor & improve customer lifetime value. 

The cruel reality is though that they don’t have the resources & know-how to care for all their customers: not all of them are created equal.

And here's the need for a method that actually helps improve the lifetime value.

After more than a decade spent helping companies optimize and improve the CLV, Valentin has created a tested and proven methodology to achieve it: CVO - customer value optimization.

In this workshop session, the CEO & Founder of Omniconvert will provide actionable insights about the 7 dominant numbers in eCommerce, the growth formula, how to leverage RFM segments, and the 5 types of CVO campaigns.