Vasilis Dimos

Vasilis Dimos

Founder, Structured-Ventures & Co-Founder,

Vasilis was born in Germany and studied E&C Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens. In 2005 he started working on along his two co-founders. Up until 2016 he did lead the different user facing efforts as Head of the Design team.

From 2016 on, he spearheaded the marketplace effort inside Skroutz by introducing a complete checkout solution inside the platform. In 2020 he withdraw from his active role and remains up until today as an advisor.

He currently is running Structured Ventures in order to build or help other build their next venture.

Session Title


The live UX panel is back again! Three established UX/UI professionals will randomly choose greek eCommerce stores and evaluate their UX/UI, offering their advice live on how to improve those minor details, in crucial spots during the shopping path, in order to gain the maximum potential in sales.